Sunday, August 1, 2010

EP Delay : ( Sorry!

We received a bunch of emails yesterday asking "where's the EP" ?
We know we had promised that it would be out by the 31st, but we had some unexpected hurdles come up for us in the studio once we got to mixing / mastering as well as a bunch of ideas we wanted to explore to make this EP sound it's best.

We are taking the weekend off and spending it at Osheaga and will get back to work first thing tomorrow / Monday morning.

The EP will be out August 15th.
For those of you in Montreal, we are also performing August 4th for FMDM on the main stage @ 8:30pm. It will be the first time we play some of the new tracks so we are pretty excited to kick off the release of the EP with a show.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us during the making of this EP!


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