Saturday, May 9, 2009


"Nothing happens for no reason and the people that you attract in your entourage are a direct reflection of who you are or the lesson you need to evolve to what you should become. "

We are a team of misfits, long-term friends, ex-lovers and future ones that combined our passion for music and performance to create Pinup Saints. We have created an undeniable oddity of the music world without the use of conventional routes, standards or barriers. That is what happens when a group is the brainchild of Mabel Palomino, a Montreal dancer and choreographer; Fede Sanchez, an indie film director; Raul Campued, an underground music producer; and Nico Archambault, a young dance star, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada in 2008. For us it's simple: We loved Raul's music, Nico put moves to it, Mabel directed it and with Fede, tried to find ways to put it out there for the world to share.

In 2005, we began performing in and around Montreal with Raul as our lead singer surrounded by an array of amazing dancers and off-beat concepts. Our energy was raw, sensual yet theatrical, our music was unique and the vibe got contagious.
Our provocative live shows is what got the town talking and the bookings coming in. We were invited to be a part of really great events like Fashion Festivals, amazing high-end events and theatres, concerts and many more. It wasn't the ultimate vision though ...

For two years, we tried out various female lead vocalists until we discovered Wynn Holmes by fluke. I got a call from an old friend about this amazing dancer and choreographer that was in Montreal and that I should meet. I spoke to her on the phone and asked her to teach a group of dancers a piece of choreography to try her out. When she walked in and danced, we fell immediately in love. Her amazing sex-appeal, beauty and artistry was unreal. She danced and co-choreographed our next shows until the day we got to hear her sing for the first time. Because of a costume change problem we had at our Corona theatre show, Wynn took the stage and sang
"Why don't you?". Her angelic yet seductive voice along with her addictive charisma and performance charmed the audience and made this song the highlight of the show. That is the moment were the vision became complete and this duo of RaRa and Wynn became Pinup Saints.

Pinup Saints started recording and had no plans to rush a release of an album until Nico nailed one of his defining solos to Halo on the hit tv show So You Think You Can Dance Canada. The interest in the song was overwhelming, the curiosity of the group climbed and the web started buzzing. Tens of thousands of clicks came from people proclaiming their love for the song and searching for it online. This was our wake up call to go into studio, finish the album and take the next step. Golden was launched in April of 2009 on iTunes.

When you come see us live we have only goal: to entertain you. Coming up with new ways of playing our songs and staging our sets has been an adventure in itself - we've invited some of the most talented dancers to share the stage with us, we even poured honey on one of them. Collaborating with other artists, experimenting with lights and projections, fashion, and other art forms has contributed in the evolution of who we are today and who we will be tomorrow.

Putting together Golden gave us concrete direction.
We want to tour the world, have you dancing to our music, singing our lyrics and joining us in all of it .

Yours Saintly...

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